about us

Hello there... My name is Jaime, I am married to Marcos and we are the parents of three children.

The husband and I have been married for 17 1/2 years; we're high school sweethearts.
While we feel  like we are STILL in high school, 
the semi-ugly truth is that we are in our mid-thirties.
I work full time, from home, for a large bank. I love my job. 
I design training materials, train the trainers, write communications
and work in project management.
I have my Master degree in Business Administration [MBA].
We just bought our first house in September 2010. 
We are working hard to turn it from a cookie-cutter suburban box into a house full of character.
We have two Pitt-bull mixes; Ellis & Olive.

We live slightly outside the county line
about an hour south-east of Phoenix.

I enjoy blogging and sharing parts of our lives with our family members 
and with people who may have the same interests. 
Some might say I am an

But that's okay...
It's what I do.
Welcome to Queen of the Creek!

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